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We like you. That's why AdvanceOnline makes it so simple for you to learn and stay safe. We do our best to accommodate many types of learners on many types of devices. Please see the required and recommended system configurations further down the page.

Next, you'll see your current system configuration. If this is the device from which you're going to take courses you can easily see if you meet the requirements.

Your System

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warning Hey, we notice that you're not set up to view Flash content. It's probably not a big deal, as we have a huge library of "mobile friendly" courses that don't require Flash Player. However, if you're planning to take a course without the "mobile friendly" designation, you will need Flash Player 10+. Contact us if you need help with that.

Courses Marked Mobile-Friendly Computer Tablet


Internet Access. (Hey, you're 1/3 of the way there already!)

The most recent version of one of the following Internet browser programs or apps:

The following free browser add-ons or apps:


That's it! No fancy hoops.

Other Courses

Video Course Requirements

Check the Learn More link in the catalog to see if your course has video.

Courses without the Mobile-Friendly Designation

Required for courses not listed as Mobile-Friendly. Click the Learn More link in the catalog to check.

See, that was easy. We told you we like you! In fact, you've always been our favorite and we're going to make sure you like us too. If you need help let us know.

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